– Citizenship by Investment Program –

Date of last update – Dec 2023

Renowned as one of the “Happiest Countries on Earth,” Vanuatu captivates visitors with its idyllic location, warm-hearted people, pristine environment, and breathtaking natural beauty. This hidden gem remains one of the last undiscovered treasures on our planet.

Distinguished as the newest and swiftest citizenship by investment program globally, Vanuatu’s DSP offers government pre-clearance in as little as 10 days. The entire application process can be completed expeditiously, allowing successful applicants to obtain their new passports within 60 days. This makes Vanuatu the ideal choice for those seeking a time-sensitive option, granting visa-free access to over 130 countries.

Travel Freedom

Visa-free travel to 130+ countries visa-free

Tax Benefits

No personal, wealth, or income taxes

Hassle-Free Process

There are no interview, education, or managerial requirements

Fastest Citizenship Program

60 days to process an application, making it one of the fastest programs

Family Eligibility

Investors can include most of their family in the application

No Residency Requirement

Does not require physical residency to obtain citizenship

Secured Investment

Pre-approval received before full investment transfer

Future Security

Citizenship extends to future generations

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The Donation into the Development Support Program

  • Option Single: USD $130,000
  • Married Couple: USD $150,000
  • Married Couple + one child under 18: USD $165,000
  • Married Couple + two children under 18: USD $180,000
  • Additional Dependent: USD $25,000

*Plus government processing fees and due diligence fees


Step 1: Apply for pre-approval
You’ll need your existing passport, a second form of certified ID copy, a police clearance report and a personal profile (CV). A one-off  fee of USD$5,000 is payable at the same time as document submission.

Step 2: Gain pre-approval and submit investment
Within 10 days of initial application, you will gain written confirmation of clearance to proceed from the Vanuatu government Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), and make your full payment along with the remaining documentation filing.

Step 3: Submit for screening
The Vanuatu Citizen Commission will examine your application, to check if you have obtained the requisite clearance to proceed (FIU), and to check if all documentation and payment has been received. You will be guided through this to ensure that the documents are presented at this stage in full, with no errors.

Step 4: Confirmation by the Prime Minister
The Citizenship Commission will inform the Prime Minister who will confirm your citizenship with the President who personally signs your Citizenship Certificate.

Step 5:
The last step is to take your citizenship oath, which is a requirement by the Vanuatu Government. This is a ceremony where you pledge your allegiance to Vanuatu, and become a citizen of Vanuatu with all the associated rights. At this stage you get your Certificate of Citizenship and your new passport.

You do not have to be physically in Vanuatu to take your oath.

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